AMKA SAFETY is a proud distributor of the Xtreme Visibility full product line.


"Nothing is more important than keeping your

workers safe. When there is a possibility of  physical

injury or death on the job, high-visibility safety

apparel is absolutely essential."

•  XTREMELY GOOD VALUE – Exceptional quality at a great price!

•  XTREME COMFORT – Using premium quality ANSI certified fabrics; Xtreme Visibility garments are

   carefully constructed & tailored for an Xtremely comfortable fit.

•  XTREME PERFORMANCE – Genuine 3M™ Reflective Material provides superior visibility during

    nighttime and low-light conditions.



AMKA is a broker/ distributor of products specializing in mine and roadway safety equipment, including safety vests, apparel and traffic control signage.

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